A Guide to Playing Wolf Run Slots

A Guide to Playing Wolf Run Slots

The famous Wolf Run Slots is an online casino that is one of the favorites in online slots games. If you have been playing online casino slots games before, then you would have noticed that the jackpots here are quite big. However, if you are just a beginner, then you need to be careful because there are many players who also aim to win big by just playing here. This is quite obvious because of the large payouts here.

The basic rule of playing these slots is to select a number or set of numbers and then bet or place your bet on that number or numbers. Then if you win then you get to keep whatever was your bet, if not then you need to get out of that particular slot machine. The wolf run slots bonus round begins when the first bet of the player finds the Bonus symbol over the 2nd, third and fourth reels of that particular slot machine. For new players, this gives you a single wager in return.

Wolf Run Slots Spins Bitcoin Casino

However, if you are an experienced Bitcoin Casino player, then you can increase your winnings by choosing the right combination of cards for spinning the reels. There are three kinds of spins that are available in Wolf Run Slots, namely, straight, three-reel, and stacked wild. You will notice that each of these has its own characteristic or unique spin pattern. Moreover, there are specific times when these are applicable such as when you bet the maximum in a single line and then win on that particular line. You can also double or triple your Bitcoin Casino bets depending on what kind of spins are available for that particular machine.


As soon as you win in Wolf Run Slots, you earn the golden icons that are located in various places in that machine. These icons can be used as a bonus prize or for getting free spins bonus rounds. Some of the free spins bonus rounds come in the form of double or triple spins. The first two free spins are given as a bonus for winning on the third consecutive round while the last one is for winning on the second slot machine of the same game.

When you click on the icon of double or triple slotted, you will get to see a spinning wheel. This will rotate two times for each of the symbols. The symbols are placed on the wheel based on their position on the wheel. When you click on the symbol that appears in the first slot and then again on the second slot, you will get to see a spinning wheel effect for all the symbols on the board. For some machines, there are also icons that change depending on whether you win or lose. These bonuses could sometimes require you to complete a specific pattern or line before you can activate it.

Free spins And paylines

Aside from the free spins, you can also try your luck at winning the jackpot on every machine in the wolf run slots. Wolf video slot machines offer progressive jackpots that can climb up to 500k. Although this may seem like a huge amount for beginners, the odds for winning are still relatively low compared to other slots games. What’s more, the progressive jackpots are not only available during the week, but also on weekends and holidays.

Wolf Run slots also have different kinds of paylines. There are three paylines that you can choose from when playing slots. The first one is the straight payline which is a horizontal line drawn across the reel. The second is the zigzag payline which shows a double-digit number where each digit represents one of the symbols on the reels. Lastly, the dotted line is the third line that represents a combination of symbols. You can use both the straight and zigzag paylines when playing with Wolf Run Slots.

Although it might be a bit confusing to learn how to play Wolf Run Slots, IGT is very clear about what the slot game is all about. They are very easy to understand and there are even tutorials included with the download so you do not need to worry about finding a slot guide. You can play Wolf Run Slots even if you do not know how to read lines or even how to count cards.

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